Betty Alan’s first regatta

BA taken by Ian on Croix des Gardes

BA taken by Ian on Croix des Gardes

Well, we took BA out at the Suffolk Yacht Harbour Classic Regatta on June 14 & 15, and had the most wonderful time.

Handicapped by our ignorance and a fierce rating, we got a very distinguished DFL (Dead F… Last) in both our division and overall, but we achieved our goals which were to sail the boat as well as we could, and to have a good time. A fabulous crew consisted of Richard Taylor as Bowsprit-end-man, Frances Maggs as Topmast-head-man, Paul de Proyart and Felix Cleverdon as Runner Monkeys, Jo Tribe as Staysail Gunner, Clea Rawinsky as Jib Gunner, Dan Tribe as mainsail trimmer and Navvie, Ed Maggs as the nut on the wheel, and Betty Maggs as inspiration.

The breeze began light and built during both days, and we flew the main and mizzen topsail all the time, and had the jib top up and down according to the weight of wind. We flew the squaresail on a couple of legs, but it’s not really a racing sail, and the foredeck became a bit revolting about it.

Many people said nice things about how well she looked, and we felt moved beyond words to be on a beautiful boat among beautiful boats. Such muchness of gorgeous yachts.

It was fitting that this was the first time we took her out in similar company, for it was at Levington that our story with her began, when we broke the mast on Polaris, leading to a flirtation that led to a consummation that led here.

Leila, an 1890s gentleman’s cutter yacht, recently restored. Beautiful.

Betty Alan in the most distinguished company of Richard Matthews’ 1898 Fife Kismet.

IMG_0588 (2)
The Kelman family’s Croix des Gardes from behind (as usual).

IMG_0600 (2)
Chris Mannion’s Gulvain, Laurent Giles from 1959. From the master of reverse sheer.


Showing that we did get the jib topsail up

Classic_14_AA_DSC_8290 (1)