Up the London River

Very Burnham scene, as the party wraps up

The mizzen was pulled out to have a new bit scarfed in at the foot by Priors, to address some rot – this was about the only defect the surveyor found – and after a small party for friends on the end of their pontoon we headed off down the Crouch, first right, and up the Thames for winter.

Dawn in the Whitaker channel

Starting before dawn, the first challenge was finding Dan Tribe’s TRAIGH, on her mooring. A blessedly short lived but quite dense fog patch made it difficult, but they conned us in, and we picked up the rest of the crew. Surprising, we made 12 in the end, but she never felt crowded.

Ed lashing down the tack of the mainmast topsail

Motoring most of the way to make it on one tide, we had a nice hour of topsail sailing in the East Swin, and got to Limehouse dead on time, at 1600. It’s an act of faith to get in there – you have to aim at a gap between the flats, which is almost invisible when you’re coming from downstream.

Dan Tribe looking characteristically suave in Limehouse

What strange new world is this?

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